10 Reasons to Bring Your Infant or Toddler on Your Disney Vacation

10 Reasons to Take Your Infant or Toddler to DisneyYou’ve started planning your Disney family vacation, and friends and family are asking you why you are even thinking of bringing your young children. Maybe you’ve heard, “Wait until they are older!”, “Why would you take an infant?”, or even “You just aren’t going to be able to enjoy your trip!” Here’s my top 10 reasons why you should bring your infant or toddler on your Disney vacation:

10) Even if they won’t remember the trip, you’ll enjoy looking at your Disney vacation photos with your children as they get older.

9) Infants and toddlers often fly for free, if traveling as a “lap baby”.

8) Infants and toddlers often have no problem getting up in the early morning, the least crowded time at most parks.

7) Disney makes visiting with young children easy with their Baby Care Centers, stroller friendly walkways, complimentary pack and plays, plenty of high chairs, and accommodating Cast Members.

6) In most cases, you will not pay for your child under 3 to stay at your Disney resort.

5) Disney’s Rider Switch Service makes it easy for older guests to easily enjoy attractions that younger guests can’t; while Fastpass service reduces wait times.

4) Children under age 3 eat free at Disney restaurants at family style services, buffets, and can share from your plate everywhere else.

3) No tickets are needed for your child under age 3 at any of the theme parks.

2) There are plenty of attractions that even your young infant can experience at all the Disney theme parks.

and 1) When Walt Disney set out to build Disneyland, it was in the hopes of a place¬†where children and parents could have fun together. The delight of seeing your toddlers face light up at their first meeting with Mickey, your infant cooing at their first fireworks, or their first parade is simply… magical.

Disclaimer: If you are only planning on taking one trip to Disney in your children’s lifetime, I do recommend you wait until they are older, but otherwise, enjoy your trip with your children under age 3. You might even find out that taking an infant is easier than taking an opinionated preschooler!

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