Disney Tips from Fellow Bloggers

Disney Tips from Fellow BloggersIf you are planning your Disney World trip and you’ve scoured the internet for tips, you’ll find that there is a lot of information around. If you are a pinner and love Pinterest, I maintain a board of my favorite tips from other bloggers that I’ve collected from all over. If you aren’t on Pinterest, what are your waiting for? Pinterest is an online bulletin board where you can “pin” your favorite content, whether it be recipes, fashion, or vacation planning.

Here’s a peek into my top 5 favorite tips from fellow bloggers:

1) There’s a secret character meet and greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Don’t ask about it, as no one will tell you! Learn more.

2) A family vacation can be expensive, but did you realize how many free activities are available at Disney? See them.

3) There’s pros and cons to staying at every Disney Resort. This blogger lists them all! Read more here.

4) Park hopping (visiting more than one Disney Park per day) can take up a lot of time. Should you try it? Read all about it.

5) Don’t leave the parks when it rains! Many people leave and the crowds get lighter. If you are lucky enough, there’s a special parade called the Rainy Day Cavalcade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom! Find more rainy day activities.

See the whole board of my favorite tips here.

If you enjoyed these tips, make sure to read my favorite tips for visiting the parks with your children under age 3.


  1. Your web site is fantastic! We are traveling to Disney with my 10 month old and I have picked up a ton of great tips and advice. Thanks a bunch!!

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