19 Stroller Tips for Your Disney Vacation

Stroller Tips for DisneyVisiting Walt Disney World is a lot of walking, and infants or toddlers will need a stroller. Whether you decide to rent a stroller or bring your own on your Disney vacation, here are some things you’ll want to know:

  • Strollers are welcome at all the Disney Parks and resorts.
  • Strollers must be unloaded and folded on Disney buses and parking lot trams.
  • Except in peak times, strollers are not required to be folded on the monorails or ferry boats.
  • At Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, strollers must be folded to be brought on the trains.
  • Strollers are not permitted into most restaurants, especially during peak times. If you child is sleeping, you can try to ask a Disney Cast Member for an exception.
  • Most attractions do not allow strollers inside. You will park your stroller in a designated stroller parking area.
  • Disney Cast Members are stationed in the stroller parking areas. They move strollers around to keep it neat and tidy.
  • Stroller theft isn’t common in the theme parks, but it does happen. Stroller locks and bike locks are generally a no-no at the Disney Parks. If you lock your stroller to a fence, tree, or pole, a Disney Cast Member may cut the lock and move the stroller.
  • If you want to use a stroller lock, loop the lock through the back wheels of the stroller. This allows Disney Cast Members to move strollers around, but deters theft.
  • Never leave valuables (money, camera, souvenirs, wallet, phone) in your stroller. It is more common to have items stolen from your stroller than the stroller itself stolen.
  • If you are truly concerned about your stroller being stolen, get piece of mind with a GPS tracker.
  • There are a lot of strollers at the Disney Parks. Make yours stand out with a bright ribbon, scarf, or tape on the handle.
  • To help identify your stroller, consider adding a personalized sign, like these free printable ones I found at a local stroller company.
  • Glow sticks and battery operated holiday lights are a great way to identify your stroller at night.
  • It’s hot in Florida. Consider purchasing a clip on fan to put on your stroller to help keep your child cool.
  • Beware: if you leave your stroller full of crumbs in a stroller parking area, squirrels are likely to feast in it while you are gone.
  • A towel or blanket can be attached to the canopy of most strollers using binder clips to help block the light if your child is trying to nap.
  • If you don’t have a stroller rain cover, bring a dollar store poncho to cover your stroller in bad weather.
  • If your stroller doesn’t have a lot of storage space, buy an attachable hook or stroller bag to add to your stroller.

Be sure to read my advice on renting a stroller or bringing your own on your Disney vacation. If you do decide to rent, Simple Stroller Rental has provided Disney Under 3 readers with a 10% discount code: disneyunder3.

Strollers at Disney: Rent or Not?

Renting a stroller at Disney WorldWhen heading to Disney’s theme parks with a child under the age of 3, a stroller is a necessity. The stroller that you use at home will usually work for your vacation as long as it has 1) A sunshade to keep your child covered, 2) Storage to hold your diaper bag and other necessities, and 3) it reclines for easy naps.

If you don’t use a stroller at home, or don’t want to haul it to Florida, consider renting a stroller. Several local companies offer strollers for rent, and will deliver and pick up from most hotels and resorts free of charge. All of the rental companies offer the Baby Jogger City Mini Series strollers in singles or doubles, which seem to be the most popular models in the parks. In the list below, I’ve noted the additional stroller models that these companies offer. Pricing, accessories, and pick up and delivery times vary per company.

Baby Wheels Orlando: Also carries Britax strollers, and BOB Motion strollers

Kingdom Strollers: Also carries Baby Jogger City Elite and Summit strollers, BOB strollers, and special needs strollers

Simple Stroller Rental: Also carries BOB strollers, and Joovy Double and Triple Sit ‘n Stand strollers

Orlando Stroller Rentals: Also carries Baby Jogger City Elite and Summit strollers, and special needs strollers

Apple Stroller and Magic Strollers: No additional strollers offered.

Lastly, you can rent a stroller at any of the Disney theme parks (they are not available at the water parks) or Downtown Disney. Disney rental strollers are basic molded plastic with a sun canopy, and can only be used within the theme parks. They aren’t designed for infants or toddlers and I don’t recommend them for kids under age 3. However, Disney stroller rentals retail for $15 per day for a single stroller and $31 per day for a double stroller. A discount is given if you rent for a number of days at a time and prepay the cost.

Disney Rental Strollers

Be sure to read on for more stroller tips. If you do decide to rent, Simple Stroller Rental has provided Disney Under 3 readers with a 10% discount code: disneyunder3.