8 Mess Free (Healthy) Toddler Snacks for Disney Parks

Mess Free Toddler Snacks for Disney ParksMess free and toddlers usually don’t go together, but these foods are great for snacking in the Disney theme parks. They clean up quickly, won’t make a lot of crumbs, and don’t take up much space. Perhaps, most important of all, they won’t melt in Florida’s heat.

Yogurt pouches/Fruit purees: My kids love the HappyTot Greek yogurt. It’s packed with protein, calcium, and vitamin D, and doesn’t need refrigerated until after it has been opened.

Fruit snacks: Opt for fruit snacks without extra sugar, your toddlers will already be excited enough!

Bite sized cookies/salt free pretzels: Because of Florida’s hot sun, we opt for butter cookies over chocolate chip. We pack them into Ziploc snack sized bags for easy feeding.

Chewy granola bars: Gerber Graduates makes chewy granola bars with fruit chunks. As an added bonus, they are made with whole grains.

String cheese: String cheese travels well, and you can even get Mickey Mouse shaped cheese chunks at most retailers.

Rice cakes: My toddlers prefer flavored varieties, like cinnamon apple. The best part about rice cakes is they don’t produce a lot of crumbs.

Veggie sticks/straws: My kids can’t get enough of the veggie sticks/straws! We call them “veggie fries” since they look like french fries.

Freeze dried fruits: Fresh fruits just don’t travel well, but little fingers will enjoy freeze dried fruits like pears, apples, and strawberries. We like the Brothers All Natural Brand that comes in individual serving bags.

Healthy Toddler Snacks for Disney Parks

Don’t forget snacks for yourself, too! Disney does not restrict guests from bringing food and drinks inside the parks. If you are bringing a cooler, it must be less than 24″ by 15″ by 18″. Remember, glass items are prohibited (baby food jars and bottles are allowed), and absolutely no alcohol. If you’d like to save some space in your suitcase, consider shipping your non-perishable snacks ahead of time or ordering through a grocery delivery service, such as Garden Grocer.

Of course, snacks are also available for purchase in all the parks. In recent years, Disney has focused on bringing guests healthier options such as fresh fruits and yogurts to the parks.