Soy Milk at Disney World – Where to Find It (and WDW Gluten Free Guide)

Soy Milk at Disney WorldAfter a few non-infant and non-toddler related posts (like my new obsession with or our new Mickey Mouse waffle maker), and after a lot of research for this post, I’m here to share everything I’ve learned about soy milk at Disney World.

We recently discovered that our youngest daughter is lactose intolerant (age 1). A few days later, we headed to Disney World and we were pleased to find soy milk readily available at many locations, including select quick service locations, most table service locations, and resort food courts. Soy milk at Disney World is Silk Soymilk brand and is available in single serve packages, often in several flavors. Pricing on Silk Soymilk is the same as regular milk (around $2.49 each).

The Food and Beverage folks at Disney World were kind enough to pass on their Gluten Free Dietary Guide, which lists all theme park and resort locations and what items are available from each. The list was helpful for us to find where to buy Silk Soymilk and Rice Dream ice cream. You can view it here in PDF format. To save it, simply right click the document and save to your device (18 pages).

WDW Gluten Free Guide

Additionally, I was told while at Disney World that if Silk Soymilk is not listed on the menu at a table service restaurant, ask for it, it may be available.

Since Silk Soymilk does not have to be refrigerated until it is opened, it is great for traveling. Consider buying single serve packages for the airport or car ride to Disney World. If individually packaged soy milk is expensive at your local store, look into Silk Soymilk on

Playgrounds and Play Spaces at the Walt Disney World Resorts

Playgrounds and Play Spaces at the Walt Disney World ResortsIn the second post about playgrounds and play spaces, we visit the Disney Resorts. If you missed the first part of the post about playgrounds and play spaces at the Disney theme parks, be sure to view it here.

If a playground or play space is a high priority at your resort, here is a list of the resorts with them:

Disney’s All Star Movies, Music, and Sports Resorts: Many larger than life props throughout the resort, perfect for photo taking and exploring. Traditional playground, similar to one located in any suburban neighborhood.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge: Traditional playground, the thatched roofs on parts of the playground make it blend well with the resort. Tons of slides!

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort: Not a traditional playground, play spaces at Art of Animation are oversized props that coordinate with the theme of the area they are located in. Lots of hidden slides and nooks and crannies to explore.

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn: Small, traditional playground.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort: Large, traditional playground, has unique features like several bridges and a tire style swing. Bonus: There are really comfortable hammocks for mom or dad to relax in while the kids play!

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort: Well themed playground with swings, a traditional playground area, slides, and a sandbox area. Themed to look like an ancient dig site.

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground: Large, traditional style playground. Well shaded.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort: Traditional style playground with triangle canopies over it to provide shade. Sand substrate.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort: Many larger than life props throughout the resort, perfect for photo taking and exploring. Traditional playground, similar to one located in any suburban neighborhood. (Be sure to check out Twister Board, great for active toddlers!)

Disney Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside: Traditional style playgrounds. The one at Disney’s Riverside features a large wheel that kids can walk on!

Disney’s Saratoga Springs: Traditional style playground that is well themed to match the exterior of the resort.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge: Traditional style playground with a sand substrate. Bonus: It is situated along Bay Lake with nice chairs for mom or dad to relax in!

Have fun playing!

Photo above taken at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge playground.

Childcare on Your Disney Vacation

Childcare on Your Disney VacationLooking for an adult night out while visiting Disney World with your infant or toddler? Unfortunately, Disney’s kids clubs are reserved for children ages 3 to 12, but you still have options:

1) Consider bringing an extra family member. An aunt, or grandma, would certainly love to come along for the trip. Maybe offer to pay part of their vacation expenses in exchange for a night of watching your infant or toddler. You’ll also appreciate having an extra set of hands during the day, too!

2) There are a few independent companies that offer in-room care at hotels and resorts. The sitters provided will stay at the resort, will often bring their own age appropriate toys, and will follow whatever instructions you provide. While leaving your kids with a stranger may seem daunting, Kids Nite Out is licensed and insured, and is highly recommended.

  • Kids Nite Out is Disney’s recommended provider. Their rates are currently as follows: 1 child ($18 per hour), 2 children ($21.00 per hour), 3 children ($24 per hour), and 4 children ($26.00 per hour). There is also an additional $10 trip charge and surcharge for those using the services after 9pm.

3) is also growing rapidly in the Orlando area. There are many sitters on the site that specialize in providing services to vacationing families. Many of these providers are available short term, or on a live-in basis for your entire vacation. If you decide to use, be sure to choose a background verified sitter. Personally, our  regular sitter provides live in care for vacationing families and enjoys it. Rates will vary per sitter, but if you aren’t a member I’ve got a deal for you: Save 10% on Premium Memberships at w/code: STOREVOUCHERS.

Now that you’ve secured a sitter, need some ideas for great date nights? Why not try a signature restaurant like California Grill, Jiko, or Victoria & Albert’s? Maybe a dualing piano bar like Jellyrolls is more your style? Or have you thought about a concert at House of Blues at Downtown Disney? Whatever you decide, have fun!

Updated 10/13/2015

Cribs and Toddler Beds on Your Disney Vacation

Cribs and Toddler Beds on Your Disney VacationWhen traveling with children under 3 to Disney World, they are going to need a place to sleep. While some parents might be able to share a bed with their children under 3, neither myself nor my kids would get any sleep if we tried that! You have a few options when it comes to sleeping arrangements for your Disney vacation:

1) At Disney resorts, neither full sized cribs nor toddler beds are available.

  • Some Disney moderate and deluxe resorts have travel cribs available. They are smaller than a full sized crib, but larger than a Pack ‘n Play. Disney will not guarantee that one of these cribs will be available for your use.

2) If you are staying at a Disney resort, Pack ‘n Plays are available free of charge.

  • They are basic Graco Pack ‘n Plays. They measure approximately 27″ by 39″ and are a few inches off the ground. The sides are breathable mesh, and they have a small padded mattress.
  • You can request a Pack ‘n Play when placing your reservation, or by calling (407) W-DISNEY.
  • If you forget to request a Pack ‘n Play before you arrive, you can ask for it at check-in.
  • If you are staying in a villa at a Disney resort, the Pack ‘n Play will be located in the closet, and there is no need to request it beforehand.
  • The Pack ‘n Play will come with one sheet. Mousekeeping will generally not change the Pack ‘n Play sheet daily, but feel free to leave a note if you need an extra.
  • Disney will guarantee that your family has a Pack ‘n Play during your stay.
  • Feel free to bring your own sheets.
  • If your child has never slept in a Pack ‘n Play, you might want to take a practice run at home. (Ask friends and family, I’m sure someone has one that you can borrow. If you can’t find one, many major retailers will have them on display and you can at least look at them.)

3) Bed rails are also available at all Disney resorts.

  • You can request bed rails when placing your reservation, or by calling (407) W-DISNEY.
  • If you forget to request bed rails before you arrive, you can ask for them at check-in, but they are only available in limited quantities.
  • On our most recent Disney resort stay, I had no problem getting three bed rails: one for each side of the bed, and one for the foot of the bed.

4) If you’d prefer a regular crib or toddler bed, consider renting from an offsite company. They will deliver cribs to your resort, hotel, or vacation home, and bedding can be included. The two most recommended and well known companies for crib rentals in the Orlando area are:

5) Don’t forget, if you are staying at an offsite resort, hotel, or vacation home, be sure to ask if cribs, toddler beds, or bed rails are available before renting items.