10 Potty Training Tips for Disney World

pottytraining2Will you be potty training on your next Disney vacation? Here’s 10 tips to help you and your toddler:

1) The Baby Care Centers located in all four theme parks offer toddler sized toilets without the automatic flush. Remember, there is one Baby Care Center in each theme park, and none at the water parks or Downtown Disney.

2) Most Disney toilets are equipped with an automatic flush. To prevent the toilet from flushing before the child is finished, hold your hand over the sensor, or block it with a post it note.

3) Consider purchasing a folding travel potty seat, such as the PRI Folding Potty with handles. It fits nicely into a gallon size Ziploc bag and can be stored in your diaper bag or beneath your stroller. You will also find that these seats are useful in the resort bathrooms.

4) The Disney Parks offer companion restrooms, which are located near the regular restrooms. These extra large single bathrooms include a toilet, sink, and changing table. They are great if you have multiple, toddler age children who need to potty, or an infant that needs changed and a toddler who is potty training. Additionally, opposite sex parents may feel more comfortable using these companion restrooms.

5) If your toddler boy can’t reach the standard size toilets at Disney, consider standing behind him and letting him stand on your feet. This extra inch is usually enough to help him reach.

6) Try to stick to your home routine while on your Disney vacation. If you always take your child to the bathroom after a meal, be sure to repeat this during your vacation.

7) Always remember to bring extra clothes into the theme parks for any accidents that occur. It is nice to also have an extra ziploc or other “wet” bag for dirty clothes.

8) Bring a small reward for staying dry or using the potty. Our kids love stickers!

9) Practice before you go! Especially if your child is used to only using a mini potty at home, practice by visiting public restrooms. If you have purchased a folding potty seat, be sure to get your child comfortable using it before you leave for your vacation.

10) Lastly, if accidents keep occurring while on vacation, just throw in the towel. Put your toddler back in a diaper or pull up and resume potty training once you return home. There are so many distractions on vacation, I’m sure once you return home, they will easily return to their routine!

The photo above is of a toddler sized potty located in the Baby Care Center at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.