Add a Little Disney Magic to Your Meal with a Mickey Waffle Maker

Mickey Mouse Waffles at HomeWhether you are heading to Disney soon, just returned from a recent trip, or you just need a little magic in your day, your toddlers (and grown ups, too) will love eating Mickey Mouse shaped waffles! I diverge a bit from my normal posts to admit that my family had an impulse buy and we purchased a Mickey Mouse waffle maker! With four kids, now ages 1, 2, 3, and 8, we thought it would be fun for breakfast. I took pictures to share with you of our first time using it!

The waffle maker was easy to use.

Step 1) Preheat waffle iron for at least 3 minutes.

Step 1a) While the waffle maker is heating up, mix the ingredients together with a whisk. Here’s the recipe we used, straight from the Walt Disney World kitchen and posted by The Disney Chef.

Step 2) Use the included measuring cup to fill each Mickey head with batter.

Step 3) Close the lid and allow the waffles to cook. We found that they were the most golden and crispy after about 5 minutes. The waffle maker came with sticks to insert into the waffles, but we chose not to use them.

Step 4) Enjoy!

Here’s a link to the waffle maker we bought: Disney Mickey Waffle Maker.

In case you noticed in the photo: We don’t always dress up for breakfast, but when we do, we dress up like Anna from Frozen.