Baby Care Center at Sea World Orlando

Heading to Sea World Orlando with your infant or toddler on vacation? Similar to the other theme parks, Sea World Orlando has a Baby Care Center. While most of the restrooms at Sea World offer changing tables, the Baby Care Center features a sitting room area, padded changing tables, a nursing room, a kitchen, and bathrooms with toddler sized toilets. The facility is located near Shamu’s Happy Harbor, which is a kid’s play area. I highlighted the Baby Care Center on the map below with a red rectangle (on the far right side). Depending on where you are in the park, it may be a long walk.

Baby Care Center at Sea World Orlando for visiting with Infants or Toddlers. Written by

When you first enter the Baby Care Center, you walk into a nice sitting room with a few small tables with toys, rocking chairs, and a tv. This is a great place to cool your kids off on a hot day.

Baby Care Center at Sea World Orlando for visiting with Infants or Toddlers. Written by

To the left, there’s a kitchen stocked with bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers, a sink, and a microwave.

Baby Care Center at Sea World Orlando for visiting with Infants or Toddlers. Written by

Baby Care Center at Sea World Orlando for visiting with Infants or Toddlers. Written by

Off of the main space, there is a changing room with four padded changing tables and a hand washing sink.

Baby Care Center at Sea World Orlando for visiting with Infants or Toddlers. Written by

The next room is limited to nursing mothers and has a few rocking chairs.

Baby Care Center at Sea World Orlando for visiting with Infants or Toddlers. Written by

There are also two bathrooms (one boys/one girls) with a large toilet and a toddler toilet in each.

Baby Care Center at Sea World Orlando for visiting with Infants or Toddlers. Written by

Lastly, it’s important to note that the Baby Care Center at Sea World is not staffed. Previously, there has been a machine with diapers, wipes, and other basic baby supplies, but it was not there on my latest visit, late January 2015. (If you go and see that it has returned, please leave a comment.)

Baby Care Center at Sea World Orlando for visiting with Infants or Toddlers. Written by

10 Potty Training Tips for Disney World

pottytraining2Will you be potty training on your next Disney vacation? Here’s 10 tips to help you and your toddler:

1) The Baby Care Centers located in all four theme parks offer toddler sized toilets without the automatic flush. Remember, there is one Baby Care Center in each theme park, and none at the water parks or Downtown Disney.

2) Most Disney toilets are equipped with an automatic flush. To prevent the toilet from flushing before the child is finished, hold your hand over the sensor, or block it with a post it note.

3) Consider purchasing a folding travel potty seat, such as the PRI Folding Potty with handles. It fits nicely into a gallon size Ziploc bag and can be stored in your diaper bag or beneath your stroller. You will also find that these seats are useful in the resort bathrooms.

4) The Disney Parks offer companion restrooms, which are located near the regular restrooms. These extra large single bathrooms include a toilet, sink, and changing table. They are great if you have multiple, toddler age children who need to potty, or an infant that needs changed and a toddler who is potty training. Additionally, opposite sex parents may feel more comfortable using these companion restrooms.

5) If your toddler boy can’t reach the standard size toilets at Disney, consider standing behind him and letting him stand on your feet. This extra inch is usually enough to help him reach.

6) Try to stick to your home routine while on your Disney vacation. If you always take your child to the bathroom after a meal, be sure to repeat this during your vacation.

7) Always remember to bring extra clothes into the theme parks for any accidents that occur. It is nice to also have an extra ziploc or other “wet” bag for dirty clothes.

8) Bring a small reward for staying dry or using the potty. Our kids love stickers!

9) Practice before you go! Especially if your child is used to only using a mini potty at home, practice by visiting public restrooms. If you have purchased a folding potty seat, be sure to get your child comfortable using it before you leave for your vacation.

10) Lastly, if accidents keep occurring while on vacation, just throw in the towel. Put your toddler back in a diaper or pull up and resume potty training once you return home. There are so many distractions on vacation, I’m sure once you return home, they will easily return to their routine!

The photo above is of a toddler sized potty located in the Baby Care Center at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Lost Kids at Disney World

Lost Kids at DisneyHonestly, I hate writing this post, but let’s face it: There are thousands of people at Disney on any given day, and kids do get separated from their parents. In the event that you lose your child, immediately notify the nearest Cast Member, they will be able to quickly get in contact with the Disney Security Team. To write this blog post, I interviewed a Disney Security Cast Member for her tips on preventing loosing your child.

Here’s what Disney does in the event of a lost, then found child:

1) A Disney Cast Member will stay with your child in the location that the child is found.

2) The Disney Security Team will be contacted and will meet the Cast Member wherever the child is. The Security Cast Member will look around the area that the child has been found for the parent.

3) If the parent cannot be located, the child will be taken to the Baby Care Center. The Baby Care Center Cast Members will entertain your child until you are located. (In locations where there is no Baby Care Center, lost children will be taken to First Aid.)

Tips to quickly reunite with your child in the event they are lost: 

1) Take a daily photo. Disney World Security Cast Members recommend taking a photo of your child each morning either before you arrive at the parks, or immediately upon entering. Make sure the photo shows your child from head to toe. In the event that you get separated from your child, you will be able to show Disney Cast Members a current photo, and the clothing the child is wearing. (If you change your child’s clothes, don’t forget to retake the photo.)

2) Attach identification to your child. There are several products on the market to help identify children. When choosing a product, remember that Disney Cast Members will not look inside clothing or shoes for identification. Instead, consider single use ID bracelets or shoe ID’s, to help identify your child. Alternatively, you could write their first name and your phone number on their arm in an easy to spot location or order customized safety tattoos.

3) Magic Bands. If you have received Disney’s Magic Bands as part of your trip, and your child will be wearing one all the time, consider use a Sharpie marker to write their first name and your cell phone number on the outside of the band.

4) Dress multiple children alike. If you have to keep track of several children, consider dressing them in similar clothing. It will help you keep track of them in the crowds.

5) While your toddler won’t be able to find their own help, once your child is old enough, talk to them and teach them to find anyone wearing a Disney name tag if they get lost.

What do you do to help identify your child at Disney? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Breastfeeding or Pumping at Disney World

Question: Where can you breastfeed at Disney World?
Answer: Anywhere you want.

Nursing on Your Disney VacationLegally, anywhere that you can bottle feed a baby, you can also breastfeed.

1) Baby Care Centers: Each of the Disney theme parks (not water parks) offer Baby Care Centers free of charge. These are great places to feed an infant or toddler, change diapers, and take a break. Learn more about the location of each center here.

2) Benches: There are no shortage of benches around the theme parks. Take a break and enjoy the people watching!

3) On-the-go: Consider investing in a sling, wrap, or baby carrier. It takes a little practice, but you can discretely feed your infant or toddler hands free.

4) Dark rides and shows. Chances are that most people won’t even notice what you are doing, especially if you use a blanket or nursing cover. Here’s a list of my top picks for each park, along with the length of the attraction. I chose each attraction for the gentleness of the attraction, comfort of the seats, and the popularity of the attraction.

  • Magic Kingdom 
    • Carousel of Progress (20 minutes): Plush theater seats, air conditioned, dark.
    • Hall of Presidents (22 minutes): Plush theater seats, air conditioned, dark.
    • Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (10 minutes): Nice people watching on a gentle tour of Tomorrowland. Outdoors, although the track is raised and others can’t see into the cars.
  • Epcot
    • American Adventure (28 minutes): Plush theater seats, air conditioned, dark.
    • Ellen’s Energy Adventure (45 minutes): Moving ride vehicle, air conditioned, dark.
    • Impressions de France (18 minutes): Plush theater seats, air conditioned, dark.
  • Hollywood Studios
    • Walt Disney – One Man’s Dream (15 minutes): Walk through exhibit with the end being a movie. Plush theater seats, air conditioned, dark.
  • Animal Kingdom: Animal Kingdom has the least amount of non-crowded attractions that make discreet breastfeeding easy. In a pinch, either show below will work, but there are likely to be many other people viewing the show.
    • Festival of the Lion King (30 minutes)
    • Finding Nemo – The Musical (30 minutes)

If you are using a breastpump during your Disney vacation, you don’t have to carry it around the parks all day with you. It is considered medical equipment and the first aid station will store it while you are at the park during the day. The first aid stations are located next to the Baby Care Centers at the theme parks.

Photo above was taken inside a private nursing area in the Baby Care Center at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Baby Care Centers at Disney Parks

Disney Baby Care CentersBaby Care Centers are places to change, feed, or take a break with your infant or toddler. They are located at each of Disney’s theme parks, and are free to use. All Baby Care Centers are staffed with Disney Cast Members, and dads and siblings are welcome inside. If your child is ever lost for an extended period of time, they will be taken to the Baby Care Center, and entertained until you arrive.

Baby Care Center Amenities:

-Kitchen area with oven, microwave, and sink

-Feeding area with highchairs

-Nursing area with rocking chairs

-Sitting area with small chairs, a television, and couches

-Changing area with padded changing tables

-Unisex bathrooms, often with toddler sized potties without automatic flush

-Area to purchase baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, formula, pacifiers (Note: These items are expensive.)

Baby Care Center Locations and notes:

Magic Kingdom: Located near the Crystal Palace Restaurant, a short walk from Main Street, USA. The nursing room is shared between mothers. Strollers must be parked outside.

Epcot: Located between Test Track and Mexico. The nursing room is shared between mothers. Strollers must be parked outside.

Hollywood Studios: Located near the main entrance of the park. There is no area to purchase baby supplies inside, you’ll need to visit the nearby gift shop, which carries baby products. The nursing areas are semi-private with a curtain separating mom from the main room. Strollers are welcome inside, however it is a small space.

Animal Kingdom: Located near Creature Comforts gift shop. The nursing areas are small private rooms. Strollers are welcome inside.

Photo above was taken inside the Baby Care Center at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.