Shipping Supplies or Groceries to Your Disney Resort

luggageWith airlines charging fees for bags, you can cut down on the bulk in your luggage by ordering necessary supplies such as wipes, diapers, and formula to be delivered before you arrive. Luckily, you have a few options:

1) Pack a box of stuff you’ll need on vacation and ship it to yourself at the Disney resort you will be staying at. You can also choose to order through your favorite online retailer. For either method, simply follow this format for your shipping address label:

Name of Resort
Attn: Your Name, Guest
Arriving: Date and Confirmation Number
Resort Address

Pros: You know exactly what products you will receive.
Cons: There is some planning to this method, as you need to order in enough time to get the items to your resort before you arrive. Shipping a box to yourself may be expensive, but you could take advantage of free shipping if it is offered at your favorite online retailer.

2) Another option is to use a delivery service such as Garden Grocer or WeGoShop. To use these services, you place an order on their website and schedule delivery for the day you arrive. At Disney resorts, groceries and other necessities are delivered to the resort’s luggage area on the day of your arrival.

Pros: These services are convenient and can be used on a short notice. Unlike shipping items to yourself, you can also order perishables such as milk or yogurt.
Cons: These services can be costly. Delivery services may make substitutions on your behalf.

3) If you don’t mind taking time out of your vacation, and you have available transportatiom, there are many big box retailers in the area where you can purchase items .

Pros: There is no advance planning needed.
Cons: You’ll need a car to get to the store, or you’ll need to hire a taxi. As I mentioned, shopping will take some time out of your vacation.

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