And it all began, in a bathroom

Picture this, standing in line waiting to use the changing table to change the diapers of a 5 month old, and a 17 month old, with a clearly visible pregnant bump at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As the mom in front of me turns around, she exclaims, “Wow, you’re brave, I can’t believe you are on vacation with such young children!” We get to talking, and I explain, if you use the right park strategies and come prepared, the Disney theme parks are enjoyable with kids under three. As I changed my babies, I listened to her stories of their disastrous vacation week with her toddler. We finished up and wished each other well. Then, it dawned on me, I should write down my experiences as a mom that spends her weekends at Disney with a very young family. And today, I am setting out to do so!

So, my name is Christine. I’m a former Disney Cast Member, and I live about 10 minutes from the theme parks. My family consists of me, my husband, and a gaggle of young ones: girl (2006), girl (2011), boy (2012), and girl (2013). (Yes, you read that right, the youngest three are all separated by 12 months.) I’m here to show you how to actually enjoy your vacation with your youngest in tow!

Here’s the gang:

Disney Under 3